Hey guys, here’s the last page for this week! I told you you’d enjoy this week. At least I hope you all did. I find myself having less to say in these blogs lately- I don’t know why. Production for And Once Again is going smoothly. Moving at my patented page-a-day pace currently and I’m drawing them act by act instead of doing it all at once. That way we can keep the ball rolling and have plenty of buffer for my webcomic. I need to really get some time to write more things but at the same time I need to focus more on working with my commissions and marketing. I am starting to do really well for a beginner with commissions. In another month or two I will likely be making enough money from this that I’ll be able to do everything I’ve always wanted. But at the same time I hope my comic keeps getting attention, too. It’ll get there, at least the furries are nice and end up reading it too heh.