Hey guys, good morning! Lot of new content when it comes to The Village, huh? The 3rd Tale only had one Scroll Entry while Fond Farewells had none so this little inbetween chapter has a ton of them. Hopefully it’s not too much for you all because there’s another one that goes with this one! I should also mention that we’re past the halfway point here- The Village is 12 pages long not counting Scroll Entries. Now’s a good a time as any to go over the plans.

After The Village And Once Again will be taking a two week break for me to gain more of a buffer and figure stuff out in terms of my other art activities. I’ll start up a call for more fanart soon so we can have at LEAST 6 new pieces of fanart for the next break weeks. I’m still getting a bearing on doing furry commissions while also working on my comic. It’s a pretty good balance of work and play and as weird as the furry commissions can get I only feel they help me grow as an artist. They test me to learn new things at least! And all the friends I’ve made in the furry community are really beautiful people, I can’t stress how much I love you guys. They’re so damn nice, they give me money for weird art, they show up in all my streams and my streams are actually bustling with chat activity. I love it, it’s like an actual community of regulars is growing around my personality and art and everyone comes to hang out with me as I do my crap. It’s great. I only hope to grow a better community out of And Once Again in the future similar to this.

Even though I’m roughly getting a page-a-day done for And Once Again still can’t put in as much work as I’d like to on my comic because at the end of the day And Once Again doesn’t have a big fanbase YET. It’s not what’s making me money. It’s my passion project, but my life is crap and I have to focus on getting furry commissions and marketing myself on FurAffinity first and foremost. I haven’t been able to write all the And Once Again lore that I have in my head simply because there’s no use for it all yet and doing it would take time sitting at my desk that I could be using to find ways to make more money. I’m starting to feel more ok with this than I was at first because I will do what I need to do. And Once Again means the world to me and making it the best I can is always my goal- but I need to be in a better place before I can give 100%.

If I’m being honest I haven’t done any writing be it lore, scripts, character outlines because my last laptop died from me being an idiot. I like doing my writing on laptop because I don’t want to have to sit at my desk. Desk is where I draw, it’s where I do work and crap. I don’t like to sit there longer than I have to if you get what I’m saying. So after drawing for 4 hours or so I don’t really wanna go yeah I’ll just sit here another hour or two and write some scripts unless I have a deadline to meet. When I have a laptop though I can go chill and relax somewhere else. I tried writing on my iPad Pro but… eh… Good news though is my mom is fixing all our old laptops and she’s going to sell me one of them for cheap in about a week once it gets back from the shop. Sooooo I will be able to start writing again for pleasure. Anyways, not much else to say.