I did this one on stream a week or so ago, it was a really fun one to draw! I hate that I had to upload it as its own page buuut it did take like 2 hours or so to draw so it’s more or less a full page by itself. Plus I can use the time it gives me for sure. I’m currently working on the layouts for the 4th Tale and it might just be a bad mood tonight but I’m feeling particularly bad about them. Like, I can be doing way better but I don’t know how yet. Plus I’ve got to get back full swing to drawing the layouts but I’m still somewhat unsure of myself.

At least getting commissions has been going well. I’m working on 2-3 commissions a day right now and while they’re low cost ones for now as I get more demand my prices will continue to rise and I’ll essentially get paid more for less work instead of the opposite. I’m looking foreward to that day.