First off, I appologize that the site was down for a couple of days! The site’s host contacted me and basically my website was using too much CPU and I had to work with them to find out why. It was out of my control completely. This update was supposed to be for Friday but I figured I may as well wait for Monday at this rate. So here we are.

It’s finally time to get into some of those details about And Once Again’s future that I had been talking about. I have a lot to say so let’s get to it!

First off And Once Again will be on break for two to three weeks depending on where I am. I don’t currently have any fanart to post, but I can ask some people I know and maybe we can get some more updates to sneak in during the wait. We’ll see!

Secondly, the big news. And Once Again has been going on pretty strongly for getting close to a year now and I’ve made a large amount of progress in a short amount of time. Why is that? I can tell you pretty clearly that it’s from my update schedule and pumping out a consistent 3 pages a week. In just under a year I’ve seen all kinds of ups and downs in my site’s traffic due to the high number of pages already available.

I’m here to tell you guys, all my readers, that it’s going to be slowing down for the next coming months. I want to be able to work on 3 pages a week but I NEED the time right now to do other things with my art career. I’ve been doing commissions every day and working on building a fanbase- right now all I want to do is start making enough money to move out with my girlfriend and have a semblence of a normal life. But I can’t exactly do that without training a lot of art skills(furries, lewd poses and hentai mangas mostly with bits of anatomy/painting thrown in) and spending tons of time marketing my commissions, networking with people.

In my first month of doing commissions full time I actually did pretty damn good. If I focus on it for a few months I will be able to have a big enough fanbase to TRULY call it full time. Without going into full numbers, it was more than half a thousand in a month. If I keep working at this and fully establish myself in the whole furry commission scene, I won’t have to try as hard to get people to buy my stuff. And then, when I have more people WANTING my stuff I get to raise my prices. Right now I’m basically selling lots of little commissions while building up followers, people who go to my streams and so on. It’s all about building an audience. And I’m getting somewhere.

So for the time being, I’m going to have to ask you to put up with only TWO updates of And Once Again a week. Two. Monday and Friday. I don’t want this- AOA is my life’s work- but let me actually make my life not shit before I can devote a bit more time to it and providing free content for random strangers on the internet. K?

I love you all though, things will be great once we get back to full swing!