Hello everyone, got this special illustration to share with you all today. It’s not an update day but I do have news, I’m not going to be posting an update tomorrow. The 2nd Tale will begin Friday instead. This is being done just so I have an extra day to keep up my studies and continue to work on the layouts. The 2nd Tale is over half fully drawn, so there’s going to be no shortage of comics when I start posting it. No delays as usual! I pride myself in trying to be timely as possible with And Once Again, but at the same time I feel it’s fair if I ask you guys of a single pause day before the next stories start.

Speaking of next stories, In the name of transparency (I am crowdfunded after all) I’m just letting everyone know that I’ve also begun the script for the 3rd Tale. The 4th’s rough draft needs polishing, but after that the 5th and 6th Tales are practically ready to be scripted already. I’m doing my best to write every day lately no matter what. I have to keep production going at all costs and it feels very good being able to do so. I think everyone is going to be really happy with the story that’s yet to come as I keep enjoying myself more and more exploring these characters and the world they live in.

One note though, the actual 2nd Tale doesn’t start immediately. There are 3 in-between strips that serve as one off storys. I’ll be doing these things between every Tale. Currently there’s only 3 each but as the cast expands I may do more in-between strips if the need arises. These aren’t filler though and I make sure that each one develops the characters in some way or builds the world.

See everyone on Friday!