Ugh, I am suffering from a major headache tonight. I was just sitting in front of my laptop trying to get more work done on the script for the 3rd Tale but I ended up just writing barely more than two paragraphs over like 20 minutes before understanding that I just can’t do this tonight. I’m a little over halfway done with the script so if I actually put time into it I should have it finished by Friday/Saturday.

This page required some tuning up before I felt it ready to be shared. The version I had saved as ready to go featured some of the most shoddy, amateurish clouds I have ever seen… and since And Once Again is growing more and more every day with each new reader I need to be holding myself to a bigger standard, so I repainted both the skies in this scene. They’re both more than presentable now.

The 2nd Tale begins Friday, but the first two pages are just covers. Actual first page starts next Wednesday. In the future I’d like to not have you guys wait, but a lot has happened and I need all the time I can get right now.