Hello guys, time for your early update. I’m putting this up an hour early or so cause I want to go watch Daredevil with my sister before bed. I’m enjoying that show a lot… I’ll naturally write up my thoughts on it like I do with pretty much every piece of media I consume. Speaking of which I finished the Audiobook of The Last Wish today… I’ll try to write my thoughts on it tomorrow after I finish the page I’m working on. Spoiler; I loved it.

This page is yet another victim of my new habit to go back and touch up pages before I release them. It’s a good process as I can finish a page, go and make 10 more and when it’s time to post that 1st page I can go in and fix a few things that look a little off with what I’ve learned. 6 has some kind of bad fixes I need to do before Monday rolls along. I usually don’t fix the characters though as that takes a while or I’d have to redraw them completely… which is a shame, because I made some super bad mistakes with the characters in the 1st half of the 2nd Tale. But rest assured, since then I developed a method so that characters are always in proportion.

Oh boy though, I’ve been a mix of super upset and super amused at how much of a hotmess Batman V Superman ended up being. I’m a gigantic DC fan- I can’t get into Marvel except for their movies (I want to one day try, though)… so I wanted deeply for this movie despite ALL the warning signs to be good. I knew it wouldn’t be. I knew it. And I was sad to be right.

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WORSE THAN THE ROOM (the best movie ever made).

Ben Affleck needs a hug really, really bad. So do I. I wanted this movie to be great as a huge Batman AND Superman fan… Man of Steel had problems but damn I though he could improve it if he took the feedback and tried to work out the kinks. But nah. *sigh*