Ugh. Finally. That was a long weekend, I really didn’t like having that last page as my front page. I found it very lazy and it had a bad background, so I certainly didn’t care for it having so much attention… I should have thought about that before posting it on Friday. The idea for these three filler strips was to make them faster and easier to draw, but I was off the mark for the first one and I learned my lesson I believe. I think this one is solid but the dialogue placement in the last panel is a bit awkward but I don’t know how I’d fix it. I probably could have done 5 panels and that’d have fixed it. I’m more open about using more than 4 panels in the 2nd Tale onwards you’ll see.

I had a bad weekend, there was a scare involving my aunt almost dying of double pneumonia but she seems to be recovering. I have not done much comic work this week because my editor suggested that I work on some painting studies since the buffer is so far ahead. I’ll need to get some pages done soon though. Not tomorrow, I work tomorrow and will likely just take a break day… I am however working on the script for the 3rd Tale of And Once Again. It’s coming along swimmingly if I do say so myself and should only take a few more days till it’s done since I write in small bursts at night mostly.

Got a lot of stuff to do going forward, but thankfully I’m making allies and building a readership bit by bit. The 2nd Tale officially starts on Friday when I post the cover page. Don’t forget to vote for me on Top Webcomics and start helping And Once Again climb the ranks!