These are the people who supported me the most whether they be financially, emotionally, or with their constant guidance. Special shoutouts to TheIceCreamMan who dug through 500 lbs of fat to find his heart and pay all of his backpay to me like a total bro. Love you man. Everyone else on this list already knows what they’ve done and how much I appreciate them.

Though this is the end for Noble Saga, my career is only just starting. My next series is going to be aggressively determined on building a fanbase and supporting myself through it, and I’m already laying the foundations for this as I type it. If you’re reading this, please. Check me out on other sites. Follow me. Like, reblog, retweet, whatever the hell all of my shit on these sites and let me know how you feel. Talk to me and help me grow far beyond the place I’m at. Watch my streams, take a look at my youtube, with your help I’m going to make it. Thanks for everything you’ve all done for me up till now.