Oh, that’s right. It’s Friday isn’t it? Sorry for posting this comic page a bit later than usual, I straight up forgot until now. I’m  in an odd mood and I can’t seem to get much done today to my chagrin. I’m still trying though. Just got done with a very unsuccessful attempt at a writing session, and earlier I finished a Wario drawing for part of my Smash 4 roster series of illustrations I’ve been doing lately. I may do another one later but I’m a bit low on motivation I guess because of the tech stuff. I’ve got to keep trying at the very least. Some more writing and maybe some design work tonight would serve me well. I’m a bit annoyed because the computer that my friend’s going to fix up for me needs a part and one of them won’t arrive until the 9th-14th… and after that she needs to mess around with it and do a clean install to see if it works or if we need to have it sent to a repair place.