Ok everyone my new computer will be coming this week for sure now so I’ll finally be able to get back to actually drawing new comic pages. No more relying on my buffer, thank god. I’m quite tired today. I slept past my alarm for an hour or so and my body is aching from exercise the day before… Just now sat down to get some stuff done and I will be sketching some character design work here in a moment. Nothing I can really show yet though, it’s all centered on my next project which I’ve hinted at here and there. Needless to say you won’t be hearing anything about the upcoming comic series while Noble Saga is still ongoing, but in a month or two depending on my work pace once the computer shows up we should be getting closer to me being able to say some things about it.

I’m excited for it though, I’m working on a lot of worldbuilding for the setting lately. There’s a lot to be done to create a setting that will give me a lot of freedom but also be interesting. I think I have some good ideas, but you, the readers will ultimately be the judge of that.