I hope everyone enjoys the new page. It’s the first one that was finished after I got my new computer. The art starts to take a pretty big leap in quality as I move forward from here if I do say so myself. Currently I’ve got to work on 8 last pages before Noble Saga is done and I’m still pretty excited for what comes next. You all will hear stuff eventually, but it’s going to be big for me.

I’m working on some random site enhancements on the side as well. Nothing major but there’s a few things I needed to get around to doing which I’m going to take care of. You guys may have noticed that I lost the last week or so of blog posts and that I had to reupload the last 3 comic pages. Also some of the site layout is back to what it was before I messed with some settings a few days ago… Well, I had an experience that taught me a lot more about running a webcomics site. I fucked up something during maintenance and had to spend 4 hours crashing my head against a keyboard learning how to restore the site from a backup. I was really, really scared and was afraid I’d lose everything… but in the end I managed to pull through and learn somehow. Those blogs are gone now, but it’s ok. I can live without them and I’m sure you guys can too.

Been having a ton of new readers lately so if you’re one of them and you’re reading this post, I hope you stick around and continue to support me in the future.