And at last we come to the end of act 2. It came out nicely if I do say so myself, but mostly because of the switch to painted backgrounds. It helped my art a lot and was much funner than inking tons of trees so I’m very happy to be using this style for my art. I was going to be using it for my next project but we ended up switching here because inking anything besides characters just isn’t very fun for me… not to mention it’s way faster and produces much better results.

I’m currently working on the very last 4 pages of the comic right now! I must sound like a broken record, but I’m super excited to be finishing up with this. So much to do once I am, so very much. I felt that a few things on this page could’ve been done better, namely the food on panel one and the leaves. There’s not any real depth to it and I feel it subtracts from the piece… but I guess its fine.