Hey everyone, here’s your scheduled page as per the norm. It’s a decent one too. Characters are all on model, the panel background effects are nice and it has a decent composition to it. 6 more pages to go before I finish uploading Noble Saga. If you didn’t know I’m still working on a lot of very important projects at the moment. Learning a lot of important things while I stream all of my sessions. It’s going great! Going to be doing a lot of gesture drawings today and then later on I imagine I’ll do a new background Bob Ross painting which of course will be streamed on my picarto and then later uploaded to my youtube. Plenty of ways to interact with me if you’d like.

You may have noticed a lot of new features on the site as well. I have a page for explaining my streams as well as a commissions page which details my rates and offers. They’re not set in stone at the moment, but I’ll finalize things soon. You may have also noticed that over the comic is a carousel of all my laters blog posts. This is to increase visibility, add importance and accessability to all my going ons and scattered thoughts. Hope my ever improving site is to your liking!