I’m sure this was pretty obvious to most of you, but this is indeed the end of And Once Again. A lot has happened since I made that last post, and I’ve spent several months in a daze searching for what to do with my life until about a month ago when I started to gain direction once more.

First off, I would like to apologize to all the fans who really did like reading And Once Again. I have to say that you people who left me comments and talked to me were the whole reason I was able to keep going on as long as I did. I used to consider myself very flaky, and until now I had never worked on a single project for over an entire year. And Once Again taught me that I have the power inside me to work hard on something as long as I’m passionate enough about it.

So why am I not finishing it? There are multiple reasons, and I hope that after reading them you will understand more why I made this decision.

The momentum has died.

Before I started doing commissions to support myself, And Once Again was starting to see some growth. Very small growth, mind you, but the beginnings of stable traffic was starting to show. But as my life got worse and I had to dip harder and harder into commissions, less of my time was available to work on any part of And Once Again. Be it drawing, training, writing, researching, if I wanted to move out and live on my own I had to spend 100% of my time on building my commissions business. This means that little tiny fanbase I had started to build basically fizzled out as there was no new content being produced and due to how stressful my life became I wasn’t very good at keeping you guys updated.

My passion for the story has left.

Before I did commissions, I was dead-set on making And Once Again some sort of mega webcomic hit that would support me and let me move out of my Mom’s house. Neither my art nor my writing was good enough to do this at the time, but as I started to take more time away from my comic I started to see how unsatisfied I actually was with it. I realize I was only working so hard on it because I ‘had’ to, it was going to be my ‘hit series… When I really don’t think it had that potential at all. Not without a complete reboot and redraw, which I really, really don’t want to do.

And Once Again was a very restrictive story. It’s a genre piece, with ties to Japanese folklore and Chanbara stuff. I love that and all, but I love a LOT of things. And Once Again held me back from going all out because the writing was very restrictive. You see, I wrote myself into a hole from the very start of the comic. The mystery of Borei and his return as a ghost was basically known to every major character EXCEPT he and Gekido, and as the story went on it would have been constantly referenced but they still wouldn’t know anything. It really didn’t work out and led to me stretching out ways for them to not find out the truth and by then it was just sort of a headache. I don’t like the direction it would have been heading.

I already am working on a new comic idea, and am taking my time to make it everything I ever wanted to work on.

And Once Again was a product of circumstances. I was a suffering artist at the start of his career desperate to leave home. This last year, everything I ever wanted has come true. I got a beautiful girlfriend. I moved out of my mom’s house. I am making a living with my art. Yes, everything I ever wanted except for one thing… I’m still not making a famous and successful comic. Just because I’m quitting And Once Again does NOT mean I am not passionate about creating comics, it still means more to me than anything and I’d rather make money doing comics than I would commissions. But you want to know the best thing about my life right now?

I’m no longer in a state of almost collapsing mentally every day. I’m happy. AND- I’m so successful at commissions now that I only have to work when I need to. So yes, theoretically I could continue And Once Again at this point in time but I would rather pour all my resources into building a world from the ground up and seriously, SERIOUSLY fleshing it out before writing a story in it. Not only that, but spending as long as I need to become a master of the art style needed to make it.

Yes, I’ve already started gearing up for my next comic. It will be heavily inspired by shounen battle manga, One Piece, Dragon Ball, One Punch Man and Hunter x Hunter to name the largest inspirations. But I guarantee you right now- it’s going to be very far from cookie cutter and cliche. It will be a very humorous, dark and cynical look on the genre while still being light hearted. The setting is going to be very diverse and allow me to tell any kind of story I want to, as this comic will start off as more of an anthology with lots of oneshots set in this world before I work up to making an actual series.

I don’t want to say too much about this just yet, but I’m going to be working very hard on it with the hopes of launching officially sometime next year most likely. The thing is I was very depressed after I decided to cancel And Once Again, just completely aimless… But when I started developing this idea I just instantly found myself again. It’s something I have so much fun working on, and even my editor is really into it. He thinks that as long as I get the art right, this next comic could be big.

If you are really interested, I’m going to be re-making my Patreon to be about it soon. Anyone who pledges $1 will get access to everything comic-related I do from now on. For all old Patrons no longer interested in supporting me as I’m not making And Once Again, feel free not to as that’s your right. I only ask you consider keeping your pledge, as what little money I still get from this helps me out a lot.

This next comic won’t be one I will quit. It will be refined extensively to allow me to never get bored with it, this next comic’s world is essentially going to be my playground to tell any insane story I can think of. I made And Once Again out of necessity. But my next series will be made because I desperately want to make it.

For people who want news on my next comic as quick as possible, please follow my new Twitter I made today: https://twitter.com/PunishedKomics

I wish this all ended differently, but all in all And Once Again was nothing but a positive experience for me and I’ll be taking the lessons I learned from it forward into the future. I will be keeping this site. When it’s time to start my next comic, I’ll be retooling it to fit my next one and And Once Again will remain readable in a new corner of Talesuntold.us . Thank you for making it this far with me, and I’m here if you’d like to leave a comment. I can answer any questions you might have!