I have returned from the Convention. It was a very mixed experience, but first of all let’s talk And Once Again. This is the only real page you all are getting until next Wednesday. The next few updates will be various pieces of fan art I’ve recieved of the series so far in order to give me some time to continue working now that all of my Convention work is done with. I have a small buffer at the moment. Working on my prints and before that my pitch really drained the amount of pages I have in reserve so I’m going to be busy in the next few weeks breaking my ‘3 a week’ motto and instead going back to my push for more along the lines of ‘a page a day’ for a few weeks just so we start to have a more comfortable buffer. Sadly this will leave me with little time to work on any studies except for my Dragon Ball sketch studies.

I want to take this moment between chapters to remind everyone that And Once Again is not able to sustain itself. My personal life is incredibly bipolar at the moment. Half of it is going incredibly well while the other half is going incredibly bad. Lots of things have been very annoying lately but I will survive. And Once Again gains more and more momentum with each update and I intend to make it big, but I can’t proceed without everyone’s support on Patreon and elsewhere. I don’t rub my Patreon in everyone’s faces except for these moments inbetween chapters, so forgive me for using my all too rare soapbox. Every pledge brings me closer to my goal of making this my full time career and if you’ve found enjoyment in my work or wish to support me as a person, please consider becoming my Patron so I can devote my life to the pursuit of a higher art.

Any other form of support is greatly appreciated as well. Following me on social media sites, making me fanart, sharing my content with all of your friends and leaving comments here on my site all encourage me to do my best. I can’t do this without all of you helping me and energizing me! And also money. But your morale support is worth a ton too.

Now, on for the convention details. It started off ‘ok’, then it dipped down to really really bad, then it went back to ‘ok’ on the last day and maybe slightly ‘above average’ at a few points. I’m going to be writing an article about the one great thing to come from the con but overall I met a lot of people, made friends with some vendors and it was great publicity despite slow sales. The turnout was much, much lower than all of the vendors were led to believe leading to some awkward drama that happened. I was supposed to give a speech during a panel, but thanks to the scheduling I was put opposite the special guest star Jessica Nigiri’s panel so naturally all the 30 some people who I had convinced to go to my panel went to hers.

They scheduled some other guy’s panel opposite an actual Jpop idol who came from Tokyo to be here or something, and he was so pissed he rage quit and packed up his entire booth. He and the staff did let me use his booth though which was bigger and in a much more strategic position, so it probably helped a bit. The staff was aware of the problems and they gave me a second panel to give my speech at 11 AM the following day… except no one shows up to that one either. To show you a contrast between this con and the last one I attended, I had a table for this one. I did not have a table for Siouxpercon and had to go around and awkwardly introduce myself to random strangers and somehow still manage to get around 15 people to show up to my panel. The people in charge of Siouxpercon were actually here at Anime Alpha and were among the people who complained to me about the con… It’s pretty crappy, Siouxpercon had a smaller venue than this yet they had much more people and overall a much more active atmosphere. But oh well…The most important part of all of this was I met people. I got new readers and I talked to so many people that I need to print new business cards before my next con appearance (figuring something out, we’ll see).

Here’s some photos of my table. My production assistant and I did not have too much time to prepare the actual display, we will be working on preparing more unique looking towers to display the art on rather than just spreading it awkwardly all across the table. The banners also went through some rough times because Joe forgot the connector to turn it into an archway and the banners fell over a good number of times through the weekend. They are still in usuable condition but it was a very frustrating experience on top of everything else. They will be on proper stands next time and I want them stable and not fluttering in the wind so that they can be displayed in front of the booth next time. There are many things that was learned this convention. Also, excuse the abysmal photo quality of these… One of the things I eventually need is to invest in a better quality camera instead of relying on my ipad. But hey, you could be helping with that you know?

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