These are the comics I did for training before starting work on And Once Again.

Noble Saga is the comedic, tongue and cheek fantasy adventure comic of a young prince whose father tricks him into going on a quest in order to toughen him up. To save his dad, Turis must journey through a deadly, magical forest and confront a mysterious witch.

Saint-Fist Manilla is a comic series that parodies 80’s action manga in an exaggerated manner. Set in a continually retconned post-apocalyptic wasteland, this comic follows the camp adventures of the last of an ancient tribe of warriors, the Saint-Fists. Entrusted with protecting the sacred Orb of Fists from evil, Manilla embarks on a seemingly never ending quest to battle enemies to take back the stolen sphere. Between bigger projects I may make a quick, five page chapter of this silly comic for fun.