OK everyone, I think it’s about time that I finally set up a formal commissions information page. For anything that isn’t listed here you will have to ask me about it!

When I start getting more and more customers I will redo this blog with updated prices (since more demand means higher prices), but that’s likely some time away.

-Basic details-

*Payment is Upfront! PayPal only.
*No refunds after I start the sketch. If you try and scam me just know that PayPal doesn’t require refunds for custom items, so filing a dispute will only make you look like an idiot and you ain’t getting shit back.
*There are no fees for NSFW, go crazy. Always try to have a reference for NSFW stuff
Gay or straight it doesn’t matter, but please have a reference for two or more people sex commissions! I won’t copy it but it’s easier to visually see what you want that way.
*I work very fast. Currently commissions get done within 1-3 days of the order, typically (but not always) the first day!
*Please have a reference of all characters in your commission, if you want me to design characters that’s a separate story!
*You are free to repost your commission so long as you wait a couple of hours and credit me in the description!
*I stream all of my commissions on my Picarto. I highly, highly recommend being in the stream where I work on your piece so that you can give better instructions as I do it, but it’s not necessary. Just preferred! I can also wait and do your commission during a time when you’re available for me to stream it as well, if you want to be there that much. https://picarto.tv/KOM


For 1 Character
$5, B/W Sketch
$10, Lineart
$15, Flat Color
$25, Fully Painted Color

Extra characters are $10 each. (Feel free to pay as a group with your friends! For sketches, each char is $5 instead of $10 more)
Backgrounds are $10 as well. (Not counting beds in NSFW pieces)
LGBT Art is fine with me, it’s just not my personal favorite. I’ve done plenty of it though~
If your character is super complex I might charge a fee of $5-10 depending on complexity. I try not to though.
I will draw most anything besides weird fetish stuff. If you aren’t sure, ask.

I think we just about covered everything, no? I look forward to working with you! You can email to get started~