Been meaning to write this up for a while now. I aim to increase the number of blogs I make soon but I’m working on some stuff to do that with. I have been thinking of following some weekly manga series and writing columns on them week by week, and I’ve started reading Nisekoi in the hopes of making it the first. Think of them as ongoing reviews?

Anyway you are here to see me talk about my thoughts on this movie… Um… Heh. This was a really bipolar movie. On one hand, I loved it. On the other hand it was laughably bad for a number of reasons. The biggest being the thing I put in the title- that Hinata was reduced to absolutely nothing more than a damsel in distress. HINATA. YOU ARE A JOUNIN. PUT CHAKRA ON YOUR DAMN FEET AND WALK ON THE WALL INSTEAD OF DANGLING BY A CHEAPLY MADE SCARF. Holy hell that scene made my jaw drop with how stupid it was since you know, Kishimoto was the one who wrote this story…

I also thought Naruto’s reason for never noticing her feelings was pretty dumb. Like… I get it, you’re dense. But you aren’t supposed to be Goku dense. He didn’t get that she meant romantic love when she saved his life from Pain? Are you kidding? At the very least he should have had something building up from that moment but the movie kind of does this weird magic ninja bubble memory shenanigans where Naruto’s subconcious I guess has to rearrange his memories and show him how blatantly Hinata is in love with him and Naruto’s just piecing things together in his mind like wait maybe I was in love with her the whole time??? durrr??? The whole thing just kinda devalued him slightly as a character to me. You aren’t supposed to be that dumb…

Before I get into other stuff I want to point out that visually this movie was remarkable, every single scene and frame was a joy to the eye. Beautiful character animation and astonishingly wonderful backgrounds (especially when they get to Toneri’s Magical Moon Castle which I’m getting to in how silly it was). Fights were fluid and just pure beauty.

So Hinata is even further dumbed down as Toneri, the villain who I found to be unintentionally hilarious, is called crazy things like the ‘Byakugan Princess’. Kishimoto, who the hell ISN’T a chosen one anymore? Anyway Toneri wants to marry Hinata and there’s a bunch of jargon involving ancient space ninjas on the moon and Byakugan cannons and holy hell this was dumb. Just typing out this is making me laugh, Naruto has become so silly… yet I enjoy it, but yeah. Toneri was a riot to me and I couldn’t take him seriously. My favorite unintentionally hilarious scene was just so stupidly melodramatic. Naruto finally confesses to Hinata and before she can respond Toneri shows up on this absolutely ridiculous looking floating space platform, Hinata goes up and hugs Toneri and then Toneri just floats (slowly) casually away. The whole scene was just hilarious to me, like… I couldn’t take it seriously. The timing was just SO forced that the villain shows up at the exact second he confesses and then just ruins the moment, it was cliched and Toneri might as well have been twirling a curly moustache.

Sasuke also should have done something, that was a huge waste as I really liked his outfit in this movie and he exists as a deus ex machina to have less than 2 minutes of screentime… Kurama wasn’t really important either. It would have been cute if the Fox had maybe egged him on and helped with the whole Hinata train of thought Naruto was sorting through.

Ok, so I described this as a bipolar movie. And it was. I need to be honest with you guys about it, this movie was dumb… but as a Naruto fan from my childhood this was the kind of dumb I wanted to see since I was like 12. The scenes of Naruto and Hinata spending time together while Naruto starts to put things together? Beautiful. Her moments in the beginning watching him be so popular with girls after the war? Kawaii as hell. The struggle to give him the scarf? Also quite cute. Everything about them finally getting together just was everything I wanted to see done in an extravagant way that I wanted to see it in. It definitely provided the closure I wanted to see how they finally got together and the kiss at the end was absolutely amazing. So what I’m dumb and emotional and I ended up liking this movie despite it being so dumb in so very many places… it was cute. And dumb. But really cute. Agh.