Full Gallery Here.

Well hello there friends, I’ve got a very large gallery of sketches to show off to you guys. A total of 43 drawings I did by collecting references from the many Dragon Quest games. I wanted to grind out generic JRPG fantasy style in order to train myself for my new side webcomic Quest to Impress, which as you know I’ve said is primarily based on Dragon Quest, so naturally I turned to the master. Akira Toriyama himself. After 43 sketches though, I think I’m done studying this style. I love Toriyama to death but I need variety right now and I’m tired of drawing Dragon Quest for now.

I have quite a bit to say about these sketches and where I am as an artist. As you can see by the lables, I did all sorts of trials with this series of sketches. I did time limits of  5 and 6 minutes back and forth to try to improve my speed to somewhat alright results, but as I did more of them something started to stir in me. The last sketches in the gallery were done without a time limit. I’m starting to have this feeling welling up inside me, an art realization if you will. I feel that before I work on my speed I have to develop my artist’s sense further. My state of mind. I need to take more time and stare at the references and make careful planning, study the lines, proportions and fix my drawing accordingly. I need to be slower for the time being so that I can start honing my mental planning skills.

I didn’t feel much improvement from the speed drawings at all because I don’t think my mentality is at the right place for me to actually work on that. Sure, maybe I got a bit faster at drawing, but I don’t think it was as helpful as serious studies would be for me right now. What am I going to draw next though? I am taking another day or so away from And Once Again. After all the work from it I want some time to practice before I start on the layouts when my editor isn’t even here to go over them with me.

So what I want to draw right now is to keep working on various fantasy styles. I’m going to just draw from a bunch of different JRPG artbooks to learn more and improve my character drawing skills- but I’m going to do so with the mindset of study and analysis. I want every single stroke of my Apple Pencil to be meaningful and planned out if I can help it. I waste too many strokes and just throw stuff out there thinking it’ll work down the line and I can refine it. I need to have a more thought-out style and so I’ll be using these upcoming studies to learn this. I’ll be using an artbook on Bravely Default next I think. Breath of Fire, FF14 and Fire Emblem Awakening are also ones I’m thinking about if I can find downloads of their artbooks. We’ll see.