So I already mentioned this on the latest update for And Once Again but I wanted a post to specifically talk about this small side project I’m doing and the details of it. For those that didn’t see, as a sort of late tribute to Pokemon Sun and Moon’s announcement I made a vow to draw Pokemon- all of the Pokemon in order. One or two a day, maybe more, but at least one, every single day of my life until we’ve worked through the entire dex. Naturally by the time I get to the current ‘end’ we will already have Pokemon Sun and Moon out, so I’ll be drawing the new ones too obviously when I get there.

I’m not posting these constantly on my site here. Instead I will upload a new article on my site once I’ve finished drawing an entire generation of Pokemon, so the next you’ll see them from me here is when I finish up the first 151. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with Mega Evolutions yet. For alt formes I’ll probably just draw them too I guess. If you want to see them as I go along you canĀ  follow me on Twitter and I’ll get around to posting them on my Deviantart later today.

I’m doing this for a variety of reasons. Pokemon all have vastly unique designs ranging from simple cartoony shapes to more complex and abstract designs all of which will bolster my ability to creatively think and improve my art. This will give me a chance to think outside the box and render a lot of strange subjects, test my lighting skills, experiment with new drawing styles and warm me up every day before I start drawing And Once Again. Lastly and most importantly I’m drawing them because I love Pokemon obviously.

Here’s the first three! I’ll make a new post when I finish Kanto!

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