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Etrian Odyssey Gallery

Well a while ago I was using artbooks of the Etrian Odyssey series of games to draw cute girls from. I’ve been trying to improve my skills at drawing cute girls a lot lately to mixed results. I adore the art of Himukai Yuji- even though I’ve only ever played about 10 hours of Etrian Odyssey 4. I was dumb and traded it back in but it was when I was getting a PS4. One day I want to get 4 again and beat it, play the Untold games and stuff too… But I don’t play enough games because of how much art I have to work on.

I worked really hard on these studies. I desperately want to improve my craft in any way I can so I took this cartoony Gainax inspired style and tried to adapt it into my own drawing style somewhat. Whether this sketch training had any serious lasting effect is up to interpretation, I’m sure it helped a lot but I’m not quite sure how.

Which of my studies is your favorite? Let me know in the comments and stuff!