Welp like I said I recently watched this anime during my vacation. Watched the whole thing in a few sessions with my girlfriend and I thought I might as well try out something popular that we could watch together so I could maybe write a blog about it. I wasn’t sure what to expect, I read a few of the webcomic chapters ages ago but didn’t really care for it. Was sort of surprised to learn it actually got an anime adaptaition. Good on more studies for taking chances on crazy properties… but this isn’t exactly on the level of Mob Psycho 100 or anything like that. For those who don’t know the story of ReLife goes as thus: Kanzaki Arata is a shut in at the age of 27 who only works part time. He’s a failure and slight nervous wreck who randomly gets the chance to take a magic science pill which will make him look like he’s 10 years younger again. With the physical appearance of a 17 year old, naturally the only thing to do is enroll in a kawaii Japanese High School as part of a weird, vague program to make him not a NEET anymore? The details of the ReLife program are extremely vague and are just like ‘hey go be a kid again, study and make friends and have creepy pedo romances and you won’t be a NEET anymore.’ Ok then? I’m… sure it’s more detailed than that but it’s never clarified.

Also something I felt was really dumb was that how after his ReLife year everyone in school would magically forget him because melodrama. It’s never detailed how this is gonna happen. Is the ReLife corporation going to secretly drug everyone he talked to in his school year with a special amnesia drug to make them forget one random person and nothing else??? What????? I don’t care if it’s a nitpick, that whole thing is baffling hard for me to suspend my disbelief for. This probably wouldn’t have bothered me honestly if the rest of the show was good but… I certainly didn’t think it was.

ReLife’s biggest problem was melodrama. I just… couldn’t get into 95% of the show at all. Like damn. It was just petty bitching from Kariu and then more petty bitching from Kariu with unengaging romantic sub plots. The only characters I really even cared for were Yoake Ryo and Hishino, and kinda Kanzaki when he was actually doing things and not just being in Japanese High School. I found the rest of the cast extremely one dimensional and the over abundance of faceless mob characters didn’t help either. You see I liked the premise of ReLife just fine, I thought that a loser redoing his last year of highschool to re-evaluate his loser self but hated how little of the show actually focused on him. Kanzaki was actually kind of amusing with how he looked at the teenage cast and laughed interally about all their cliches. I didn’t hate that part of ReLife, but the majority of the show was just focused on awkward teen angst… This kind of goes back to what I was saying with Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju, but does all it take to be popular is a unique idea that the plot is based around and nothing else?

Another thing that I hated and that me and my girlfriend had a lot of laughs over was the truly awful soundtrack. The OST in ReLife was a lot of pianos played by drunk people repeatedly bashing their hands against the keys and my word it kept making me laugh for the wrong reasons. I… don’t get who could have possibly okayed this. Scenes that were supposed to be sad and slow were fast paced thanks to the mentally challenged piano player who kept thudding over and over again. I’m not even someone who usually cares about the OST in an anime- if it’s good it’s good but it rarely makes or breaks a show for me. This? ReLife’s OST was just bad.

I have just seen so many anime and manga set in ordinary Japanese high school and they all just blur together really hard for me. This has been a really recent thing I’ve been dealing with but I find that if something doesn’t catch my attention I’ll just get a headache and ignore school series. Like, I like School-Live from last year since that turned the whole school club activities thing on its head and I liked Sabage-bu because craziness but when your setting is just ‘normal high school’ then even IF you have a good premise, as long as you don’t do things with that premise than I just can’t get into it.

I did like the Hishino creature just because she was cute, and her antisocial behavior was pretty funny. The smile gag was pretty good early on if I’m being honest but it just led to Kariu being a petty bitch… wow I hated Kariu. Anyway if I keep talking about this I’ll just repeat myself over and over. The premise was good. Not a whole lot else was. AAAAAAAANGSTTTTTT.