Ok I dropped Naruto like months before it ended after following it for years and years since childhood. It was always up and down with its writing but holy hell did Kishimoto sellout there at the end. I’m practically impressed with how badly he wrote things out just to make more money and leave room for sequel hooks. He’s gonna be soaking in money from the franchise for the rest of his life since it’s obvious going down the Dragon Ball Super route.

A couple of days ago I was doing an old hobby of mine. I really love watching anime openings, shounen ones a lot. I don’t care if it’s simple it just makes my heart go *doki-doki* to watch the protagonists go across the screen and use their powers while a cool song plays. If I’m being honest I used to imagine my own characters doing that when I listened to Japanese songs when I was younger. I’d just make my own anime openings in my head. Maybe I should try that with And Once Again sometime to relax… But yeah, I was watching one of the newer One Piece openings and decided to look at the newer Naruto ones. It made me nostalgic so I resolved to finally finish Naruto.

I don’t regret doing so, but wow that… That was awful. Kaguya. Are you fucking joking? You want me to accept that bland, ridiculous excuse of an asspull for the final villain? I really despise that because say what you will about Madara. He had thematic importance to the story and if they went the route of Naruto and Sasuke finishing him together he could have had a nice little moment where he realized that Senju and Uchiha could live together in harmony. It would’ve been nice if Sasuke grew during the fight instead of after, the reveal that he was still a cringey edgelord was laughable even if his ‘logic’ was slightly more sound than usual. I seriously hate how Kaguya robbed Madara of a proper conclusion- after so long it felt like a let down that he didn’t get to go down with dignity and the proper undeniable ass-kicking he deserved.

I felt like the final Sasuke fight was a bit short, too and while I like how they both lost an arm I felt like Sasuke should have refused a prosthetic and kept the stub as a reminder of what a douchebag he used to be. Just thought that’d have more impact… I fully admit I’m still a sucker for the ending part of the ending. It was safe and didn’t take many risks, but it was still nice to see everyone grown up and paired off and with kids. I’m sure I wouldn’t call it a good ending by any means but it still is ‘good’. I did grow up with Naruto and all that and for a brief period of my childhood it was my favorite thing ever, so seeing the happily ever after was still worth it.

I also watched Road to Ninja and The Last Naruto the Movie today, but I might make separate reviews for those since I had a lot to say about them.

Whatever I’m on the same page as this franchise again now so I’ll be waiting for the Boruto manga and will follow it from here on out. Maybe in the hands of another writer it’ll be interesting? I’m not fully sold on the artist yet though. Something about Boruto’s face really bugs me. The artist himself is amazing and I think his character skills may be better in a more stylized way than Kishimoto, but I don’t like how he has to draw in psuedo-Kishimoto style. He draws girls really damn good though, which is nice because Kishimoto openly admits he can’t draw girls for shit. Bout time.