I met a new friend on twitter today and told her I’d look at her game and write up an article about it here so she gets more exposure, so here it goes! You can find her twitter here and Serenity here

Serenity is NYKA’s first game project and I think it shows she has some potential at this. It’s an atmospheric relaxation game set on an island where there is vague and pretty things to walk around and look at. There’s no story or objectives to find, you just walk around. Yeah, walking simulators have a bad rep but this is her first game and I think she has potential so she’s worth following in my eyes.

The setting is nice and I love her color design, but it’s very small. Will take you less than 15 minutes to find everything worth looking at. Give her a look if you’ve got the time though, as I think she’ll be improving a lot from here!