It’s finally here! I had almost forgot how hard the wait between Fridays can be when you’re following Jojo weekly… man it was rough, but it was also incredibly worth it. This episode was amazing.

Spoilers Ahead

So, let’s talk about the opening real quick.

I’m absolutely in love with it, but I’m really surprised they stopped doing the CGI models for the characters and instead have just animated it themselves.  I don’t know if they did it to save money by doing it in-house but when it looks this good I’m perfectly fine with it. Although I kind of want to point out that the characters don’t really move a whole lot in the opening… Even during the dancing scene most characters have a simple animation they just repeat. It’s all really stiff compared to the 4 earlier CGI openings and it feels like the animation of an episode and not an opening- BUT I can completely forgive this lack of movement because of the overall visual orgasm of art direction. Seriously, this is so beautiful to look at. I must have watched it 30+ times by now just for the visuals. It captures absolutely everything I love about Jojo and continues to add this beautiful sense of 90’s youthful nostalgia to make it more accurate to the time period. The song (hilariously named Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town) is pretty catchy and is very 90’s as well, compared to the first 4 songs being similar sounding to 80’s battle anime. David Production really, REALLY knows what they were doing.

Now, let’s talk about the episode. We are still following on the trail of serial killer Angelo, and very early on something happens that we need to discuss.

Jojo fans know exactly where this is going...

Jojo fans know exactly where this is going…

You see, the author of Jojo does this one thing pretty damn often… He kills dogs in Jojo. A lot. So much so that it’s just become a running joke with fans of the series that whenever a dog shows up it’s an instant sign that it’s going to die in a ridiculously over the top manner. Having a villain kill a dog is the cheapest yet most effective way to make you hate a villain and Jojo just runs with it over and over again. It’s been over


Oh… ok then he rips the dog’s nose off with his mouth. Sure yeah that’s bizarre but I guess it could be strange-


Oh... ok then he rips the dog's nose off with his mouth. Sure yeah that's bizarre but I guess it could be strange-

I was caught off guard by this… people who dislike gore may not like this, but Jojo IS part horror/body horror half the time so you get what you should be expecting. I personally had a huge laugh with this- the gore in Jojo is too extreme and over the top to ever be disturbing to me with how silly it gets presented all the damn time.

The rest of the episode leads into a really damn interesting battle with Angelo. The premise is Jotaro and Josuke can’t be near any sort of water at all or else Angelo will be able to strike with his Stand, Aqua Necklace which leads to this cool stand off where the serial killer stakes out their house for 3 days waiting for an opening. The climax is super exciting and the twist Josuke uses to win shows a lot about him as a character, mostly how he inherited his dad’s improvising skills and cleverness.

This makes sense in context.

This makes sense in context.

Lastly, we’re obviously going to talk about the ending song.

For those who don’t know, Jojo ALWAYS uses actual licensed western music for its ending themes because Jojo is basically nothing but references to western music… So, David Production used Savage Garden’s song ‘I Want You’ for the 1st ending theme. I admit I don’t know anything about Savage Garden or the song itself but I thought the ending was really stunning. Absolute beautiful presentation and the visuals were astonishing ranging from beauty to trippy while also adapting a lot of famous part 4 illustrations in the process. They seriously captured the 90’s feeling my god. I’m so happy with this series so far… I haven’t felt this much joy over a series in ages which makes sense given how much Part 4 of Jojo means to me in general.

Go watch it.