It’s gonna be fucking amazing.

Ok, ok. I should probably go into a bit more detail. The art changing itself to meet where Araki was at when he drew part 4 is really well done, I’m impressed with Josuke’s face a lot. The new guy they got to voice him sounds pretty decent but if they try and recast Kira from Rikiya Koyama then I will outright be fucking pissed. No one else can remotely pull off the role as well as he did in All Star Battle/Eyes of Heaven.

So, I really like how the visual effects are a lot flashier and youthful than they were in the Stardust Crusaders anime. The sparkles when Crazy Diamond goes back into Josuke were really cool looking and the whole thing gave me an odd hip-hop vibe that I really liked. I’m hoping the OST opts for more psychodelic Pink Floyd inspired shit to match the source material, though. Props on them if they actually end up using a Pink Floyd song for the ED theme.

The backgrounds are looking amazing. Part 4 had some really out there color schemes as far as Jojo goes but the anime is not only faithfully adapting them but putting their balls to the wall and getting shit done. All in all this adaptation can’t come soon enough. I’ll leave you all with these classic words from my favorite serial killer. My reaction was;