Just finished this one not even 5 minutes ago. I wanted to write up my review while it’s still fresh in my mind.

Koishi Tagari no Blue

Going to be honest, really conflicted here… I love a good Shoujo series as much as the next person, but Koishi Tagari no Blue had equal parts good and bad contained within its 24 chapter run. I did rather like the premise of it and the chemistry between the two lead characters- Ao and Riku- but… everything else was just kind of an eh. I dunno. The two other principle characters were boring to me and I felt like I was supposed to care about them when really Kai was weird and emotionless and Kuu was just melodramatic and apathetic. The resolution that character has with her parents was kind of silly all things considered and it certainly didn’t come off to me as a defining moment in her character growth.

My main problem with this series was a little around halfway the central conflict took a turn that felt forced to me and I didn’t care for leaving the second half of the series in an awkward over-dramatic teenage angst feel. The series couples do an odd switcheroo in who likes who and for the side character Kai this felt really damn weird for me. I didn’t understand why he liked Ao when until now he was kind of a douche to her but suddenly he’s her replacement boyfriend and the nicest guy in the world almost out of convenience. More time should have been spent on Kai developing these feelings for her over his already defined feelings for Kuu if the author wanted this to actually work. It gave a weird almost uncanny valley feel from it.

That leads me into the series’ art… Well, it was Shoujo art. It was really cute but also rife with anatomical mistakes for those who know enough to be looking for them. But when it was cute it was KAWAII AS FUCK. I don’t give things that prestigious description very often so as not to devalue the claim, but yeah. The protagonist Ao goes down in my hall of fame for adorable Shoujo Heroines as she pulled it off superbly. The anatomy mistakes you can kinda brush off, but one thing that bothered me on a recurring basis esd the author’s destinct same-face problem. This showed up really badly on Kai and Kuu adding to more reasons why Ao and Riku were more interesting characters because at least they weren’t Blue Steel-ing the camera every scene they were in.


Ok though… Besides that I’m unsure of what to give this series because despite the stuff I had to say about it I really did enjoy it. The two main characters were fun, sympathetic and adorable together. The other two weren’t and that really drags it down when it starts to focus on them. I guess I’m going to have to boil it down to a no if I’m forced to choose one. There are better things you could be experiencing than this.