I wanted to copy paste the long-worded email I sent Patreon just to spread awareness of my thoughts and feelings. Go take a look at my Patreon page, I’ve adopted the new layout early since they’re going to force me to anyway in March.

‘I don’t know where else to put this as I didn’t want to tweet your support account and be limited to 140 characters. I am going to try to remain composed for this but frankly I feel this is a collossal mistake and you’re attempting to innovate or fix what isn’t broken.

The new layout feels like a social media page and not a crowdfunding campaign page. Do you know why I like Patreon? It feels official. Before this layout everything was RIGHT THERE. You looked at my page you saw big things. You saw detailed milestones showing exactly what they were paying for, you saw long paragraphs about who I am, what I do and why I do these things. You’re hiding most of this behind an autocollapse bar and frankly that’s insulting to me.

The old layout felt professional and gave a feeling of authenticity that this garbled, non-intuitive design completely lacks. It feels like a bargain bin social media page now that I can’t even customize. I doubt you’re going to scrap this thing so I went and adopted it early. Just know that I am NOT going to grow used to this. For one, the social media theme is ridiculous considering a lot of my posts are for patrons only. I don’t want new visitors to my page to come and see a bunch of obscure things that I post for ‘everyone to see’, I want them to see a huge focus on who I am and my goals. I can’t believe you got rid of the big milestone banners. Those were wonderful and provided a very clear idea of what I wanted from my patrons and in turn showed them that I am very serious and have things planned out.

This should by no means be mandatory. I feel almost personally cheated by this if I’m speaking frankly. I greatly admire the stuff you’ve done and the work you’ve put into bettering the site but I just feel you cost me and a lot of other creators a sense of authenticity that this new layout lacks completely. I’d go as far to say this is counter-intuitive to the entire basis of patreon.

I usually don’t care about this stuff. I’m not angry, raging or throwing a tantrum, you’ve just genuinely disappointed me. I hope this makes you think about things a little bit. Have a good day guys.’

If anyone feels same way as I do I strongly encourage you to write to Patreon as well. I doubt they’re going to listen but the more people actually upset at this that do something about it, the better…