I’m a couple of days late on this. I need to figure out a way to always know when a new One Piece chapter gets released… But eh, that’s a problem for future me to solve. I’ll let that guy worry about it. On a side note, speaking of future me you can expect my Concrete Revolutio review to be finished by tonight or tomorrow, and then after that I’m going to get a Death Parade review started. Just started that series last night, really into it thus far. Moving on ahead, this was a fairly standard chapter that had some nice things peppered in to pave way for the battles to come.

Spoilers Ahead

Probably the most important thing that got covered in this chapter was the official designation of where the crew is all splitting up and who is doing what. Now that there are currently four major tasks that need to be undertaken all at the same time Oda has once again split up the cast across multiple islands. Makes sense since there’s just more and more characters and you can’t focus on them all the time. I’m just happy Brook is going with Luffy to rescue Sanji. I felt like ever since the New World started Oda has been giving Brook all these awesome chances to shine and do cool things since they got split up right after Thriller Bark.


Law’s chibi face looks somehow less enthused than normal.

Something interesting of note is that they raise some questions about the elephant that I can’t wait to be answered, as it is a rather intriguing topic. Where is Zunisha going? What will it do when it gets there? It’s been walking for one thousand years, after all… Also, all the minks volunteer to go on the different squads but only a few of them get to head out… poor Tristan.

This is probably someone's new OTP and I bet there's already furry fanfiction about them. No I'm not going to google it to prove my point, I have faith in the deprevity of both the internet and furries.

This is probably someone’s new OTP and I bet there’s already furry fanfiction about them. No I’m not going to google it to prove my point, I have faith in the deprevity of both the internet and furries.

As Nami gets ready to leave with Luffy for the Sanji Rescue Team we get shown her newest Climatact. Usopp engineered this one again and Franky provided the surface details it seems. It really shows, it’s by far the coolest looking of her Climatacts since it isn’t just a blue bar. I can’t wait for her to get to use it in a battle during the upcoming arc. I question why Franky didn’t build it himself thought. Ussop is a good handyman and all that but you think you’d let the actual certified engineer build the weapon. At least co-develop it, you know?

The Sorcery Climatact in all of its ornate beauty.

The Sorcery Climatact in all of its ornate beauty.

Luffy and co set out to rescue Sanji and presumably kick Big Mom’s gigantic cannibalistic ass in the process, but naturally there’s one last little surprise that Oda left for fans… I’ll just leave it here.

She's back.

She’s back.