Last night before bed I decided to pause my readthrough of Cyborg RE:009, of which a review is also coming up, to quickly check out some of the author of Ojojojo’s past works. I picked out RaButa, or Love Pig as it means when translated due to a Japanese pun (Rabu is their pronunciation of the English ‘Love’ while Buta is their word for Pig) because it was short and tagged as completed. I don’t try to review many ongoing series if there isn’t as much material for me to draw a conclusion from so this seemed like a nice bedtime read.

The story is simple enough. Rich girl falls in love with a rotund delinquint. I’m seeing that rich girls may be a recurring thing with this author… Although she did have a drastically different personality than the lead in Ojojojo. She was cute, and the male lead was fun, but I felt this piece lacked a lot of depth. It was said to be complete but its a 100 page one shot drawn in a scribly rough sketch style and I’m unsure if the author gave up on it, ran out of ideas or had to stop to do a different story. It looks more like a project he made in his spare time compared to an actual work. For what it was it was good, but I can’t exactly say it’s worth anyone’s time to go out of their way and read. The author introduces a few plot threads in the later pages that are meant to make it a bit more mysterious and dramatic but they are simply left vague.

The side characters are ok. A bit blander than the ones present in Ojojojo perhaps due to the sloppier presentation than in his other work, but they get their job done. For 100 some pages though a bit too long was spent on them in all honesty. Anyways, sorry for the short review but this was shorter in general. It was an ok series but I don’t feel it’s worth your time.