So, Hoshi no Samidare… also known as Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer. Let’s talk about this manga. Let’s do it. You and me. Ok seriously though, Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer is a series I’ve heard high praise of a LOT as a cult hit. It’s always been on my radar but I never knew nothin’ about it other than that I wanted to read it. A lot of manga I go out and read end up as stuff like that honestly, stuff I have on my radar for a long time but never get around to. To say I was pleasantly surprised about reading this one would be a large understatement. I completely understand why this is such a beloved series now that I’ve read it… It’s just so original and fun, yet full of heart, laughs and true emotions.

The story is very bizarre. An emotional college student named Amamiya Yuuhi wakes up one day to find a talking lizard on his stomach telling him he’s to be the Lizard Knight in a grand magical battle. No, really. But more interestingly is that he has to protect a girl known as the princess, a young girl by the name of Samidare. She’s charismatic, cute, funny, strong, and she wants to destroy the Earth. Samidare loves the world more than anyone and she figures that if she can’t possess the world forever then she would rather destroy it and take everyone else with her when she goes. And Yuuhi falls in love with her and pledges his loyalty to her, calling her his Lucifer and in return she loves him as her Demon Knight. This… was one of the most interesting relationships I’ve seen in a really long time. I long for romances in manga that actually develop and go somewhere and this one more than satisfied me.But what about that magical battle? Well, along with Yuuhi there are 11 other chosen human/animal pairs that must team up with Samidare in order to defeat the ‘Wizard’ who created a giant space hammer hovering over Earth called the Biscuit Hammer. After the games to defeat him are over the Wizard will then be allowed to bring down the Biscuit Hammer and destroy the world. The villain has the same goals as the protagonist, hilariously enough. I know this sounds like a drunk person wrote it, but its genuinely fun and interesting in its simplicity. They have to destroy the Wizard’s 12 Golems and finally confront the Wizard himself, and then Samidare and Yuuhi plan to betray their other friends to destroy the world at the last second.

Pretty much each of the main characters has a really interesting hook to them, more or less, although some of the cast is definitely more interesting than others. Battles are cool enough, each of the characters fights using a variation of psychic energy called ‘holding fields’. None of them were revolutionary or anything I haven’t seen in other battle manga, but they served the job well enough and fit the characters they came with. The action was all fluidly drawn but it wasn’t the main reason I kept reading. The real heart of this manga was its characters and emotional core. It wasn’t perfect, I felt a lot of the Knights needed more development and that 10 Volumes was a little too short. I think 12 would have been the ideal number, but I’m very sure it wasn’t cancelled since it wrapped everything up so nicely and had such a beautiful, emotional ending. This was a truly heartwarming conclusion and I was very satisfied upon reaching the last page. A feeling I don’t get to savor as often as I’d like… that feeling where you just know everything’s all right and you’re just content with an ending. I dunno.

I want more series like Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer. I want unconventional protagonists, unconventional romances that actually fucking go somewhere. I want bizarre plotlines like this one to be embraced so that there’s more diversification in the manga world. Even though this series had its flaws I don’t think they detract from the experience at all, and find this an exceedingly good read. I’ll be reading the same author’s Sengoku Youko next.