Here’s the Freeza fanart I did this afternoon during a quick break.

My secret project is 90% done. There’s one more sheet of drawings I need to do for it but I have 7 days and it will only take me 1 so I decided to take another hour of free time and make another DBZ fanart. This time Frieza because I already had an idea for it.

I really do love Frieza, I think it gets understated how much of an amazing villain he is. Thinking about it more seriously he probably is the reason I ended up loving overly feminine villain type characters as he was the first I was exposed to as a kid. I think this came out even better than the Vegeta one.

I’m probably going to do more Dragon Ball art here and there. I’m having some weird midlife crisis centered around Dragon Ball, it’s really weird. Strangely enough though Goku isn’t very high on the list of characters I want to draw right now. Next one will be more unique background wise, no more star fields.

As far as the focus on fanart itself though, my next convention appearance is June and I actually have a table this time. I really don’t have much of a portfolio outside of And Once Again soooo I really want to start letting loose and just drawing whatever the hell I want. There’s a lot of topics I want to draw right now. On that note, the Pokemon Gotta Draw ‘Em All challenge I’m doing has NOT stopped… I just paused it only for the duration of working on the secret project and felt like doing these Dragon Ball arts instead. I’ll start the male Nidoran line later today and probably finish, we’ll see. It’s good to finally have the project (almost) behind me because I still do have to start drawing more And Once Again pages even if I have a 7 week buffer.

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