For years and years we fans of the Ace Attorney franchise wanted an anime adaptation of our favorite lawyer visual novel/adventure game. It seemed like a no-brainer with the larger than life characters, exaggerated and goofy sprites and easy to follow along murder mysteries. They certainly took their damn time getting there but it seems Capcom has finally listened to fan demand and the adaptation of the 1st Phoenix Wright game has begun. But is it worth the wait fans endured?

Something I should note. If you’re watching this on Crunchyroll and want the English character names you have to do this roundabout thing. No idea why the default isn’t their English names, they should REALLY change that.


Anyway, was it worth the wait? Well, yeah. It’s an Ace Attorney anime. It will make fans happy and is practically word for word… but from what we’ve seen so far it’s a pretty lackluster anime when you judge it by its own merits. The animation is minimal, the backgrounds are CGI which look great half the time yet when things are moving around it gets rather choppy. See here, the Objection was the highpoint of the episode and while the finger pointing animation itself was fine the background sort of chugs along choppily… Not a great sign.


I want to say that I do really like the visual presentation of the series. They go to a lot of effort to put in basically everything from the games. Everything down to the sound effects and title screens… it’s really impressive. Definitely shows they’re trying to capture the tone of the games unlike a certain live-action movie we won’t be referencing. Also, they’ve incorporated new versions of the game’s legendary soundtrack into the anime thankfully. They play at all the right times and it’s wonderful.


Something I wanted to point out was the barebones opening theme. It was pretty boring, and the ending was too, but at least that one was somewhat original. I do dislike when openings go for the stereotypical ‘lets all run in a straight line because we’re friends’ crap… but there was something noteworth about the opening. Something that caught me off guard… There was this ridiculous shot of Nick in the rain looking fanservicey that was COMPLETELY against his character’s personality than when me and my little sister saw this shot we both started bursting out laughing.


Sexy Lawyers The Animated Series

And then it got worse and it shows Nick and Edgeworth chained together as they spin around and pull the chains symbolizing their logic battles in the court… but come on. NickxEdgeworth is ridiculously popular and this is certainly not going to give anyone the wrong idea no not at all.


Goodbye subtlety…

So all in all I will be following this series week by week to write reviews of it but as of right now I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it to people that aren’t already fans of the franchise. It’s less than steller animation kind makes me wonder how a casual watcher who’s never played the games would find much appeal in it. If you’re a fan though like me you’ll still probably enjoy yourself just because it’s Ace Attorney for god’s sake. The animation could likely get better as the season progresses, too. I hope so at least.

Also it became impossible to joke that they live in California anymore. RIP Japanfrancisco.