I checked out this freeware indie game yesterday. Dreaming Mary is a game about a little girl with candy colored pink hair who awakens into a wonderful dream world where she has lots of friends. Or is it?

The graphics and simple animations are quite adorable until the craziness ensues… If you’re completely unaware about it this is a very short game that takes about 15 minutes for a playthrough and depending on your choices you can go along with the inconspicuous dream sequence or delve deeper and begin to ask questions. The audio presentation is nice, you’re definitely going to want to play with headphones on less you miss out on some of the subtle and creepy cues the game works in.

Some of the symbolism is pretty apparent if you’re good at picking up on the subtext and I’m unsure whether or not I should complain that it was heavy handed… but it works since it’s a short little game. I do wish this developer had the resources to make something closer to a full budget game, but as this was just done in RPG Maker I guess it’s pretty impressive for that.

If you’re in the mood for a short, artsy horror game than I highly recommend Dreaming Mary. It’s not a high point of the genre but I thought it was a good waste of an hour or so, and I believe the developer is working on a pseudo-sequel. She could use more fans. The game is free so go try it out if you’re so inclined;