A few weeks ago I had played the game Undertale, and unlike many things these days it became truly important to me thanks to its incredible cast of unforgettable characters. The story filled me with determination and the music was practically the best soundtrack ever. Toby Fox is beyond genius, and to celebrate the game that I grew to love so much I drew a few of its characters to practice my painting.

In this one I tried to pour out my obsession with Sans all out at once. He’s a brilliant character with a shocking amount of depth. Didn’t see it coming at all just how thorough his character was plotted out, really. I was particularly inspired by the quote he shares during his boss battle in the Genocide run… “I can’t afford not to care anymore.” As a character who suffered through endless timelines where he watched all that he loves torn apart from him time and again, him taking the stand against you at the end of your murder spree as the last thing in your way… He’s a really tragic hero. Someone I deeply respect and admire if I’m being honest.