Yokoka’s Quest

Here again to talk about something I read recently that I found very well done. I can’t wax on and on about the story too much yet as its really fairly new, but I see a lot of promise in it. Most of all this early on I’m recommending this one because of how wonderful the art is.

The characters, both human and little fluffy animal are incredibly well designed. The author, ClefdeSoll has clearly put a ton of love into both their mannerisms and their personality. I respect her greatly for giving them all such unique body language and facial expressions despite the limited forms of little animals. It really makes me think of animation with how lively and nice looking the characters are.

Also of note is her background skill, which is very wonderful as well. She uses rich, vibrant colors and they never feel too over-saturated despite how flamboyant and lovey some of her choices are, and they’re really very pretty to look at.

I’m looking forward to more updates of this~