I’ve been pissed about this game for ages before it came out over here. I never liked the splitting of it into three separate games to squeeze money out of a niche fanbase, and I especially don’t like all the negative rumors spreading around about the localization process and the unecessary censorship. Let me put it bluntly, Awakening was annoying as hell. They made it goofy, lol-so-random xDDD and showed a supreme lack of professionalism while localizing. The Nintendo Treehouse employees really pissed me off this time, as everything I’ve seen of Fates looks to be much, much worse.


This ENTIRE fucking game sounds like it’s an episode of Adventure Time.


Actually no, it reeks of a 4kids dub.


I haven’t cringed this hard in ages. Fire Emblem is supposed to be a fairly straight-forward and serious war game where your choices matter. Not a ridiculous turn based Hipster Meme RPG.


I don’t even have words for how stupid that one was.


That chick’s reaction is how I feel about that line of dialogue and the entire game.


Look, all joking aside, I hate this game for more reasons than its awful, awful, AWFUL translation. I hate it because of its LOCALIZATION. In otherwords the things they changed to make it more appealling to westerners. This is important to me, because they B-U-T-C-H-E-R-E-D this game.


Do you know what makes this so significant? The USA filesize of Fire Emblem Fates is LARGER than the Japanese one. Nintendo Treehouse wasn’t content to just translate the entire thing horribly, they had to skewer and remove over half the fucking content and be horribly inneficient while doing so. And keep in mind the Japanese version came out a looooooong time ago. That means that we had to wait so long while these milennial, douchey hipsters with their memes over at Nintendo Treehouse sat around for months at a time taking the game’s content apart piece by piece and reassembling it into a Frankenstein-esque 4Kids tiered abomination. They could have just brought the game over as it was from the damned start and it wouldn’t have taken an extra 8 months or so. Especially since they were announced in both east and west the same day. But by far the WORST thing they did was this insensitive and horribly inexecusable removal of the Lesbian relationship dialogue.


Dear Nintendo Treehouse, you cannot have your cake and eat it too. FE Fates was brave enough to include same-sex marriage for the first time in series history. The original dialogue in the FxF support conversation actually treated the subject with delicacy, like an actual cultural issue instead of just being cool with it. The character actually struggled with being gay. By just half assedly removing this to somehow be less offensive when it’s already a Lesbian relationship makes you look incredibly childish. I don’t get on what planet this seems like a good idea.

I will not be supporting Fire Emblem Fates nor whatever game comes next in this franchise if this horrid unprofessionalism continues.