Well that was fast, I didn’t keep in mind what day it was when I released my last One Piece review so now I get to cover 821 a day later. Let’s get to it.

Spoilers Ahead!

First look at that cover art. Holy hell that’s beautiful. 10/10 Oda nice job.

Damn this was a good chapter. Nothing incredibly major happened to move the story ahead yet several things were introduced that will come into play later.

Before I get into the details I want to show off some of the designs for the upcoming movie One Piece Gold that were included. I believe this guy is the main villain?


He looks interesting but I want to see his full design and what his power is before passing judgment. One Piece Gold has to follow up on Film Z which was practically the best shounen movie ever to me, and that was largely the fault of its wonderful antagonist Z.

93b4356174feeeb3ba861095fad819eeThey also showed off one of Luffy’s costumes for the film which I totally dig. I love how the movie is centered around the whole Hollywood Star aesthetic and I’m really excited to see what they do with it.

Moving back to the chapter, Jack has begun his attack on Zou by having his fleet shoot the crap out of the giant seafaring elephant. If it wasn’t apparent until now, this man is sick and twisted and out for blood. He’s a lot more overtly brutal than common One Piece antagonists. Usually they’re a bit more subtle in the way they they do things but the One Billion Berry Man, Jack holds nothing back at all times.

5a48048ae8a4990cc9da42ba69ae3243Interestingly no one really reacts and can think of what to do until the elephant itself calls out to Luffy and Momonosuke in an ancient voice that only they can hear… This is starting to get uncanny, almost. They brought this up before back in Fishman Island with how Luffy could hear the voices of the Sea Kings, so it’s not out of nowhere by any means but what it’s leading up to is Luffy having the same power as Gol D. Roger. The Pirate King was said to be able to listen to ‘the voice of all things’ and this is seemingly the same thing. What does this mean for Luffy? He’s starting to have so much in common with Roger that it’s bordering ‘maybe he’s a reincarnation’ at this point. Not saying that’s what I think, but they’ve only ever drawn attention to how similar he and Luffy are without ever painting much of a difference between the two.

So the oceanic elephant exposits a tiny bit to Luffy and Momo before being commanded to sink Jack’s fleet which it does instantly. Bam, not even a fight scene. It just destroys the bastard. I’m hoping Jack shows up again later (as we all know he will) because I want this guy to get his ass handed to him, this was a bit anticlimactic just so Luffy and the rest of the Sanji Rescue Team (I’m so glad Brook’s going) can split from the main group… but the chapter ends on a slight mind-screw.


What? That face on the Transponder snail… that’s OBVIOUSLY Scratchman Apoo but he, Eustass Kid and Basil Hawkins were supposed to be in an alliance fighting against Kaidou… There’s a lot that can be inferred from this. Regardless of whether Kid and Hawkins are, Apoo is clearly a subordinate of Kaidou now. He could have possibly be a double agent, since Kaidou was pissed at Kid and Hawkins to begin with, or (less likely to me) all three of them could have entered into an alliance with Kaidou. God I love the political side of One Piece.

Chapter was good. Waiting for more.