A big step up happened the other day for this site but things are complicated currently. My website was approved to place adsense advertisements throughout it, but they aren’t showing anything more than blank space and its been a few days now. Granted I’ve been messing around a bit too much with their settings throughout the day but they shouldn’t really be taking THIS long to show up. Hm. I looked into their customer email support and it was quite stupid, I need to be making $25 a week from them on average to gain the esteemed priveledge of them answering my questions via email. A bit rude if you ask me but as long as this sorts itself out in a few days I shouldn’t have to get too upset at this… I just want to be making money already though, I’m a bit frustrated these last few days.

The UPS tracking for my new computer is saying Friday, so some serious and intensive work is going to get started tomorrow. It’s been long overdue frankly but we made sure I’m getting it as soon as possible. In the meantime I’ve been working on various sketches and designs for my next comic as well as writing up some new things for it. I’ve still been working hard as much as I can, but ughhhh.