No update today. It’s labor day and I’m needing to stretch out the pages I have ready while I wait for my new computer to get here in a few weeks. We may be looking at Fridays only for a while, I haven’t decided yet… but if that is the case, I’m sorry. I should know more about my situation within a few days. Although I’m unable to be drawing comic pages right now I promise I’m hard at work with new designs, preproduction and Smash 4 posters. Those are a bigger priority at the moment as I’m intent on making a poster series for them and some friends suggested that when I have the entire cast done I should show /r/smashbros and predict they’d eat it up. Here’s hoping, I could really use some money and getting paid to draw lots of Nintendo characters would be for lack of a better phrase ‘fucking awesome’. I actually did make a sale yesterday of my Fox poster.  Not feeling amazing today though plus I got dragged out to some holiday events so I spent most of my night just making background templates for upcoming posters instead of actually drawing.