My research for my next comic is very well planned out right now. I have a lot of manga series to read, a few films, and even a wide number of RPG sourcebooks. I’m taking this upcoming webcomic and the world I’m creating for it very seriously. In order to give my blog a bit of content, I thought maybe I would talk about some of the stuff I’m currently reading now and then.

Currently I’m mainly focused on an interesting Samurai series known as Blade of the Immortal.


Being as upfront as I can with this, I wish I knew about this series way sooner. Doing some research I hear it’s actually a very large inspiration to the creator of Naruto and it’s very apparent in the inking style (with the added bonus of not being dumber as it goes along). The art is very unique, opting for a highly detailed photorealistic style occasionally even using pencil in the finished art. You don’t really see that in manga very often so it gets a nice mention for that alone. I’m currently about 4 volumes in out of 30 so far.

The characters are all surprisingly interesting and have thoughts and feelings that are atypical of what you often hear spouted in many Samurai stories, making me even more interested. The first antagonist has my attention whenever he shows up, he’s especially complex and currently I don’t even think his goals are evil. Very much so an intriguing product of the times…

The lead character is both amusing and badass at the same time. I adore Manji’s fighting style and how he feels about himself, a man who shouldn’t have been born a samurai… Such an interesting statement about Japan’s caste system.

Also someone give me money to get the Splatoon Artbook