And here is the first Bob Ross digital painting I did today. I did another one too a few hours later but it didn’t come out very well and I have been feeling shitty on and off all day. I’ll post the second one too later on tonight. This one though was ok even if parts of it aren’t very well painted. The gold stuff was supposed to be water and I was unaware of what he was doing with his paint so mine came out quite different. I also didn’t render the background stuff as well as I’d have liked but for just starting out painting I felt it was ok. I really do expect to be painting more than 10 of these at the rate of how bad 3 and 4 came out. You guys will see though, I’ve got around 3 months to master these techniques and with the help of Bob Ross, my mentor and my will power I’ll push through and get closer to a professional artist’s level. I got to, but more importantly it’s fun! I was on picarto stream all while I did this too and I put it on youtube afterward, but the stream quality must’ve been super dumb… yeah if anyone can teach me how to stream my drawings better that’d be great. No one in my chat said anything though. Hm.