So here is the other one I mentioned having painted tonight. It’s kinda late. I don’t think I will do another drawing stream tonight and if I did it would just be me doing some sketching probably. I don’t know at the moment, hmm… One good thing is that this painting session got uploaded to youtube without any problems . I guess the other one was just naturally full of lag? Who knows, what I do know is that now you can see my drawing along with Bob Ross if you so happen to want to. I need to work on my youtube channel some, it’d be a nice side source of advertisements if I start getting more viewers on them. So many things to do just to attract new readers… *sigh*. I’ll get there, everything’s just become a bit of a chore at the moment and I’m a bit tired and slightly irritated.

Oh, my thoughts on this painting itself. It’s really bad. The worst one of my Bob Ross studies by far so far, the perspective was shot and I couldn’t imitate what he was doing because of digital art limitations. I did have fun with the painting and doing it sure but the result was quite bad. I do like the mountains alright though, I think my painting came fine there.