So I made a decision today that I would be trying to work on quantity over quality with these Bob Ross studies. I feel I get too absorbed in each and every single move when I’m painting alongside him and I end up pausing the video far too often. I want to speed things up a bit and this painting was the result. I find it noticeably worse than some of the other ones. I really should have spent more time painting the water part at the very least… The bottom right looks real bad in particular.

I’m also upset because this actually wasn’t the original study #5. In my drive to figure out my stream settings I forgot to save my study and closed Manga Studio 5 beforeĀ  I could export it… so the wintery cabin and hills of snow I painted are now lost forever and no one will ever get to see them. I’m a bit upset because that one came out ‘ok’. I don’t want to call any of these studies bad because I’m competent at least, but I have a lot to learn.

I’ll be spending my next paintings trying out some new brushes I’ve made. Been thinking that I need to spend more time thinking of myself as a digital artists and balance things out. I have to paint along with Bob Ross but I need to do it my way too.