What the hell did I just read?

Bright World Project
23 Chapters

This manga is about tackling real, important issues like the declining birthrate in Japan and putting a fresh exciting spin on it by introducing an over the top survival mission-based objective game for 9 players, with the aim of forcing the young kids of Japan to hook up from an early age and have children earlier. Yeah.

Ok I didn’t really look much at the tags for this one so I’m just going to warn everyone that this is extremely NSFW. It tries to take itself seriously but it throws tits and ass in your face multiple times every other page. The art is decent if you’re into that. The artist clearly knows how to draw nice looking ladies for the most part. I purposefully try not to read too many retarded ecchi/borderline-hentai manga less my brain rot away from their forced fanservice (besides Prison School which is an obvious exception, and a few other random titles that can do it in a way that I don’t find offensive or dumb like Nozoki Ana). I also am not going to really review titles like this one very much but I feel the need to because… it was something.

Bright World Project is a collection of ideas the author threw together and tried to pass off as a story. He was going for some strange survival game similar to my beloved 9 Persons 9 Hours 9 Doors but he just… this story had SO much ADD it put even ME to shame. I especially like how it turned into Metal Gear Solid in the last 5 chapters complete with a cloning subplot and the deployment of an actual knock-off Metal Gear.

I do want to give this credit for something that bugs me whenever I (RARELY) venture out and read this kind of smut. In harems the girl I like almost never wins. I did like both the female leads here even if they were incredibly stereotypical. They were still cute I guess. Not offensive enough for me to say they insulted my intelligence… But what I’m giving credit for is for a harem protagonist to actually choose to enter a poly relationship with both the girls at the end. Nice job dude, a winner is you.

Gonna give this one a no for how manic it is with what it wants to be and not even in an extremely laughable way.

But in a rare double whammy at the same time it’s a yes if you like sexy anime boobs and are a pervert like that. If that is literally all you look for in a story, Bright World Project has you covered.