Here’s a sudden blog post where I have some good and bad things to talk about. Let’s start with the good news. I was just yesterday approved after they reviewed my site to begin running Project Wonderful ads, so although it’s an incredibly tiny, almost insignificant start this website is actually starting to bring in a revenue. I’ll be placing the ads in non-intrusive places, as I don’t want the experience of my site to solely be about ads. Currently I have three ad spaces set up. One is above in the header and the other placed within the right sidebar.

I’ve also been trying to get approved by Google Adsense as they would pay a bit more early on compared to Project Wonderful, which is more of a circlejerk where I have to spend money to make money. It’s not time for me to be running advertisements of my own on other people’s sites quite yet but in the future it’s going to happen. The main reason Adsense denied me is that apparently my website doesn’t have enough ‘content’, or, text within it. So they write it off as just a bunch of images. This leads me to reconsider the sort of thing I post here on the comic updates as well as how infrequently I make blog posts. In order to be approved by Adsense I’m going to start to write longer posts when it’s time to post a new page, and I will attempt to write blog posts of a reasonable length much like this one in order to provide more text content. Obviously it goes without saying that my comics are the focus of the site, but now in the future there will just be a tad more insight into my thoughts as well.

Now for the bad news. My computer has been on about 20 different types of life-support for quite some time now and its finally starting to fully and completely die for good. It can’t reasonably draw at the 600 DPI that Noble Saga was working at without chugging along and freezing, crashing the program. I am currently working on a temporary back up laptop at the moment to do my art on but it’s not exactly strong either. I don’t know if I’m just going to work on new pages at a snail’s pace until the replacement(read below) arrives or if I will shrink the sketch pages to 300 DPI, but regardless of what I choose my current situation is very annoying. I may be focusing more on design work and fan-art to bring in new viewers. This last month was horrendous between my tablet troubles, some personal drama and now of all things this…

BUT I have something good to share regarding this. In a few weeks I shouldn’t have to worry about computer problems practically ever again. A very close friend of mine is going to be fixing up her old custom-built PC before shipping it out to me. That in and of itself is kind, but then she told me it was a $1,200 value desktop and the specs add up to more than 4 times stronger than my old and dated laptop. It will be a while before things go into motion and she’s able to fix it and send it, but essentially this means this PC will be strong enough to run any drawing application at any DPI, at any size, and never crash or lag. Thank you ahead of time, Trickie. You mean the world to me. When it arrives I will be able to make comics at a breakneck speed, just wait everyone.

I will still try to be finishing up pages here and there, but ultimately if I don’t finish many you readers won’t see much of a difference. I already have the next 3 weeks worth of updates finished right now. But we’ll see.