I know, I know… I did it again. Late a day for the new page of the webcomic, I apologize. I think by now everyone knows that it’s a day or so range and that I’m usually so busy that it slips my mind. I usually update right before my morning stream, but if I have to get a lot of drawing done that day then my mind often races and I’ll forget about it. Such was the case today as I have to work on drawing a whole bunch of pinups. I finished the next few layouts already so I was taking today and yesterday to just do some commissions all day instead of doing some work on the comic. It’s all good, there are still plenty of pages left for me to post and I’ll be making more very soon. But yeah.

Commissions work is going well, I’m having some sale crap over on FA and I’m buying some adspace over there and I can’t wait for my ad to go live. I should be exploding in popularity once it goes through… Very excited!