Hey guys, here’s the last page of the week. We’ve got about 6 pages here for the 3rd Act before we go on to a week or two break from updating the webcomic, I need to get back on track with making pages and writing scripts for And Once Again but things have been rather hectic and stressful. I’m managing a lot of adcampaigns at the moment, they will die down and run on auto but setting them up took a lot out of me this week. I’m referring to some ads that were made to skyrocket my FurAffinity account and they have certainly worked thus far… in only a single day I’ve gained 100 watchers! This ad campaign is going to really boost my commissions career and hopefully get me a lot more orders so that I don’t have to worry as much about money anymore.

I’m planning some more ad stuff and this includes ones for And Once Again too. I actually already did book a really large ad campaign for my webcomic and you might have seen it if you’ve come here from TopWebcomics. I’m looking into more options but we will have to see… Anyways, enjoy the new page!