Well I still technically updated on time today, I guess. First time for everything. How’s everyone doing? Good I hope. I’m doing pretty good today, I got a lot of art studies done after an annoying period this weekend where I wasn’t able to work due to how much shit I had to do, and I’m more than complacent with how they came out. I’m going to be practicing my anatomy construction soon too, it’ll be great. This week has taught me how badly I want more time to work on studies… Now that I have a ton of followers on FurAffinity I am considering that I might start doing commissions in smaller batchs, closing them for a week or two and doing personal art (mainly studies). If I need money ASAP I can just reopen them whenever, I dunno. I just want more time to actually improve and learn more about art in general. I don’t want to be limited by money, and it shouldn’t be as bad it used to be from now on. I still have a lot of drawings to make for commissions at the moment though when my training schedule ends on the 11th, so I’ll see where I am with that when we get there. I probably can’t close them right away as I really don’t have that much money at the moment, but at least I’ll be able to get back to work on the webcomic next week. Just a friendly reminder that you could make this struggle much easier for me by pledging some dead presidents to my Patreon, and then I’d have way more time to do the studies necessary to improve my art and storytelling! Or, you could tell all your friends about my comic so I get new readers! I’d really appreciate that.